Elsiane is Canadian trip-hop duo, founded in 2000 and located in Montreal. Their music is very suggestive and this is mainly thanks to the colorful voice of the lead singer and her interesting singing technique. The rythm of songs also works very well and its set between jazz and trip-hop.

Elsiane Elsieanne Caplette (voice, keyboard) and Stephane Sotto (drums) met for the first time in Montreal 1999, after Elsieanne emigrate from Peru, where she grown up and studied classical music. Stephane is a self-taught on drums and together with Elsieanne they shared the influences from jazz, rock, electronic music and world music and from this mixture arose their unusual music. 

In 2007 they released the first album Hybrid, which got very good reviews from critiques and the public. Thanks to that, they got the chance to perform on Canadian festivals such as Montreal International Jazz Festival, Toronto International Film Festival and others. They were also on tour with bands Delerium and Beast.

Last year, five years after the first album, they recorded the second one called Mechanics of Emotion, less dark, than the first one and more focused on melody (more influenced by world music) than the first record. The whole album is arranged very well.

After the second release, they decided to pay a visit to Europe, where they played couple of concerts in Poland, Germany and Italy, this year they would like to do a bigger tour and it's start will be probably on our festival.

Elsiane was one of the greatest inspiration, which lead the main organizer of Degeneration NEXT to create the whole festival. We are deeply happy to welcome Elsiane already on the second edition.

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