Dÿse is German experimental noise rock duo, with very repetitive music and with breaks, which often strikes in their songs.

CartavetroThe band was formed in 2003 and named by a motel Dysecatmotel in Amsterdamu, where the guys met each other for the first time. Dÿse started as a fun drunk side project in which Jari (drums) and André (guitar) experimented a lot with music they love.

Writing songs without limits and expectations led to a trilogy of 7 inch singles. Honig (2004), Aga Ragnag (2005) and Houthakkertje (2006). After a big tour the band was taken under the Exile on Mainstream Records.

The band played in Brno once already, in 2009 they played down in the Sklenena louka pub and we like them the more.

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