Troy Von Balthazar

Troy Von Balthazar, American artist, who's music and life performance is embodiment of honesty, spontaneity and playfulness.

tvb2 Troy Von Balthazar was bor on Hawaii, where he was the singer of legendary indie rock band Chokebore in the early 90's.

He's very connected with Europe in his music, because of six years of traveling from city to city and composing his album " with the deamon" (2012). Before this piece he released LP's Troy Von Balthazar (2007) and How to live on nothing (2010).

He's quite well-liked in Czech republic and in his solo career he played here almost twenty concerts. In Brno he played only once at Vegalite in 2009. He's going to concert in Czech Republic after two years and we are looking forward to it. Troy Von Balthazar is so real as a man can be.

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