Hot Jazz Band

Hot Jazz Band started quite long time ago in 1985 a it's one of the most professional bands in Hungary.

hotjazz2Hot Jazz Band focus on the jazz era between 1920 and 1950. In their repertoir are songs from the best Hungarian, but also worldwide jazz composers of the old times.

The band members are:

Tamás Bényei (trumpet, banjo, vocal), Zsolt Bera (trombone, vocal), László Fodor (clarinet, alt-saxophone, vocal), Róbert Szili (guitar, banjo), Zoltán Juhász (double-bass), István Galbács (drums, washboard).

Maybe are you wondering, why we invited such band on Degeneration NEXT festival. It's easy, even if they don't create their own songs, it's about the aesthetics of the music they play, and we really want to enrich our festival with it. There is probably not a single band playing their own songs with this aesthetics. It's similar like the Baroque music for example...

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