Black Pistol Fire

Black Pistol Fire is a rock'n'rollové duo, founded and located in Austin, Texas. They released a self-titled debut album in February 2011, which was produced by Jim Diamond (e.g. The White Stripes).

black pistol fire


Kevin McKeown (guitar/voice) a Eric Owen (drums) came from Toronto, Canada and they were friends since the kindergarten. On high school they found a passion for rock'n'roll. They were members of band called The Shenanigans, with which they released LP Bombshell Baby.

Kevin a Eric needed a change and they thought about Austin, Texas as the perfect place for them. There they rented a garage for rehersals, they absorbet the atmosphere of the city, which gave them the southern feeling. They had to save some money, so all they eat through the rehersals and songs creation was potatoes.

Producent Jim Diamond (The White Stripes, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion..) offered them to record the first album. This was made in two recording sessions (approx. 20 hours) in abandoned buildings in Detroit.

Black Pistol Fire plan a tour around North America and Europe. A little Czecho-slovakian tour for them is organized by our festival.

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