Lis Er Stille

Four young musicians: Martin – voice/keyboards, Tue – guitar, Asbjørn – bass, and Jon – drums. Old farm close to the city Århus - the place, where Lis Er Stille create and live.



Each member have a different music background - from classic music, through jazz, hard rock to metal. When you will connect these genres and lifes, very rare sound and interpretation will emerge. Some people tend to label it like „symfonic art-prog-epic rock“, but we will call it simply post-rock. Post-rock, which has a lot to say.

The last part of Lis Er Stille discography, which is made from three critique appreciated albums, is record called The Collibro. Album was self-recorded and self-produced by the band and the final mix and mastering was made by Magnus Lindberg from sweden band Cult of Luna.

The band is also recognized for their live shows. Once there was David Fricke from The Rolling Stone Magazine on the concert of Lis Er Stille and he was so amazed, that he made them the band of the month in one of the issue and he compared them to Sigur Rós or Pink Floyd.

Nowdays the band is working on the fourth LP, and they made some time for few concerts, among which is also their appearance on our festival.

The little tour is organized by Nothing But Hope And Passion.

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