Unifiction, band from Prague, which is known by the audience of Brno from concerts at Alterna or Metro, will come on stage with their great "agro-pop" performance.


The band was formed in 2004 and the members are: Bedřich Levý - vocals, guitar, Veronika Bartošová – bassguitar, Filip Černý – guitar, kaoss pad, Jan Faix – keyboards a Jan Hrdlička – drums, rap. They released two albums, first named Kryptozoologie (2008), catched the hearts of many music critiques by wierd mix of all possible music genres and creative and funny lyrics. The second album called Knírek (2010) was successfull as well.

Their biggest strenght is the live performance, which are one big shows of the singer Bedřich Levý, who's moves on stage are remarcable. The rest of the band is of course very visible, with strange costumes and great musician skills.

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