LoveGasm is a starting Czech-Slovakian band, hanging around the faculty of arts in Brno, who after a year in their garage starts to touch the world with their music.






The hard core of the band, called the Power duo (Standa Kotlár and Roman Zigo), got together in 2005 and since that date, they came through lots of genre changes. The true beginning of LoveGasm could be dated from October 2010, when Lucia Majerská entered the band.

After many guitar and bass players entered and left the band, in May 2011 all members was satisfied on five names: Standa Kotlár – guitar; Lucia Majerská – voice, tambourine; Roman Zigo – drums; Jakub Španihel – solo guitar; Martin Žák – bass. They came with older songs which mix some indie rock & rollu, pop and blues.

Nowdays, they work on new songs, which are flowing on a wave of post-rock atmosphere.

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