Project Degeneration NEXT changed many times, but actually is still the same all the years. The first important thing we wanted to became is a place for the new university students in Brno, to enjoy their first university experience. The 2013 edition wanted to attract mainly the lovers of alternative music. The third edition showed, that Degeneration NEXT is, instead of music, mainly about meeting friends.

We've been still successful to bring very interesting bands and artists to Brno, who was able to surprise, attract and inspire. We are very pleased for all the greatfullness of the audience and smooth course of all three editions. It's really amazing to watch all the visitors to enjoy the whole year of our work on the day of the festival. We've been counting a bit and 40% of the acts, that played on our stage have been in Czech republic for the first time, some of them even in Europe. We hope the 4th edition will continue on this way of surprising and amazing music experience.

Thanks and see you next time,

founder of the festival, Roman Zigo

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