How to get there


Do NOT take

Actually you can take anything with you, the important thing is to NOT use it outside the law, good manners or basic politeness to the artists, visitors and organizers of the festival. Thank you.



Well, mainly you and your friends will take care about your own safety, bud if you find some dangerous place in the festival venue or something bad happen to you, please report it to any festival stuff. Thanks.


Wheelchair users

Degeneration NEXT 2015 is half-accessable by wheelchair users. We will help you to get in the venue, where it's fully barrier free. The assistants have free entrance.



Fully dependent on Kabinetu Múz club.



Bad news. According to possible complications, we cannot admit the entrance of visitors with dogs or any other pets.



We will be very greatful, if you will clean your own litter to the prepared trash bins or if you will help with the cleaning after the festival. The organizers will be glad, that they dont have to clean up the whole night. Thanks a lot.


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